What is Performance ECU Remapping?

If you are wanting to maximize your driving pleasure by gaining additional power and torque, sharper throttle response along with reduced turbo lag then a performance engine remap is what you are after. We download (read) the standard file from your ECU. We then use genuine up to date software to alter (remap) the required parameters. After this the modified file is flashed (written) back into your ECU. In most cases the downloading and programming is carried out using the vehicles OBD port. Where this is not possible we can read and write to the ECU direct on the bench. We always keep a copy of the original file if you wish to return the vehicle back to factory standard. We provide an after-hours mobile service and take the time and hassle away of leaving your vehicle at a workshop for the day. The ECU remapping process is carried out at your location using the latest up to date equipment. All that is required is a power supply. 

Why should I get a ECU Remap?

Reliable and Safe Performance Tuning is essential for those drivers who feel their vehicle is not living up to its potential. By increasing the power of your vehicle you are providing yourself with a car that is safer for overtaking, more pleasurable to drive and puts the smile back on your face. By providing bespoke ECU software to meet your requirements. We can eliminate flat spots, give you the throttle response you’re comfortable with and tailor the power curve to match your requirements or driving style. Whether your car be a small petrol engine or a big muscle car, there’s always improvements to be found within the engine maps. It’s not always about peak power gains from remapping either. Improved vehicle response and a wider power band play a big part in providing an improved driving experience from a remap.

Fuel economy is dependent on driving style, however most customers don’t report any drop in economy when moving to a performance remap, with some even reporting fuel savings!

For further information on pricing or what is available for your vehicle please contact us today.

Disclaimer: GK EuroTuning Limited will not be held responsible for any damage to your vehicle, engine or gearbox as a result of modifications to the factory ECU’s engine parameters. It is the clients responsibility to ensure their vehicle is in suitable condition and well maintained for any increases in power and torque. It is also highly recommend you use the highest available octane fuel available where possible. The use of incorrect octane fuel for what the vehicle has been tuned for may result in engine damage.